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On 18, Mar 2015 | In | By Kevin

Cruise Choir to Norwegian Fjords

50 People who’d never met before, came together on the Kirker Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, prepared, with the help of choirmaster, Christopher Monckton and Dame Josephine Barstow, the soprano, two complex choral pieces

“This is fantastic – so upbeat and informative as well as inspirational. It’s really excellent – really skillfully edited and put together. Everyone at Kirker and friends outside is deeply impressed with your work”
Barry Cheeseman, Senior Executive, Kirker Musical & Cultural Tours

by Buxtehude and Purcell. The choir rehearsed for a week before performing at the third largest cathedral in Norway, Kristiansand Cathedral, Kirkegata. This short film documents the process and the thoughts and impressions of those who took part.

Video & photography for this cultural holiday cruise to the Norwegian fjords