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Documentary Video

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Apprentice ship cup filmed by Kevin Laitak

Documentary Promos

Documentary promo films follow an event, get across the passion and commitment of those involved. These films tell highly engaging stories, rely on attentive listening and and keen eye for the dramatic or subtle moment that gets to the heart of the experience. With a neat improvisational ability and strong sense of storytelling, I distil complex ideas into well crafted short films. Includes FREE PHOTOGRAPHY & MOTION GRAPHICS. I’ll simplify the process, listening to your ideas, guiding you on script & storytelling, organising the shoot, liaising with your team to ensure a smooth experience. I also providing FREE advice on promoting your videos!

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Jane Nicholson, PR, Mendelssohn on Mull Festival
“What an absolutely TERRIFIC film! Wow! So impressed! Kevin has done a brilliant, brilliant job. A better advert you could not have. All the contributors come across beautifully, and say such poignant and wonderful things . Lump in my throat after watching it, I must say. What a superb mini documentary! It’s the best advert for Mendelssohn on Mull. I could write a page of details of why the film is so good – all the different components are superb”

Nick Young, Head of Upper School, Royal School for the Blind
“Everyone in school is raving about the film. I’m still absolutely gobsmacked and I think staff and parents are too!  Communicating that on a film like you have done is a special gift!. Kevin’s film captures the work and spirit of our school perfectly. He has the ability to edit and match different video and audio sequences strengthening the message; he has a gift for careful observation, attentive listening to staff and pupils and being able to synthesise all this into a wonderfully coherent finished product. Brilliant.”