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On 17, Mar 2015 | In | By Kevin

The Acclaimed Chilingirian String Quartet

A series of films for the acclaimed Chilingirian String Quartet “This is the playing of an expert ensemble, and it is refreshing in its skill, fluency and energy.”- Gramophone

This short film features interview and live performance of Beethoven’s Opus 95

The Chilingirian Quartet

In March 2015 I produced a multimedia project featuring the Chilingirian Quartet to commemorate the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide multimedia project. Featuring 10 short songs notated by Komitas before 1915, the project features family photographs of life before the Genocide, interview with Levon Chilingirian and reflections on the role music played in drawing the community together in Cyprus under the direction of Vahan Bedelian.

Positive reactions to the project include “I’ve just been watching your videos and reading about the project – which is absolutely wonderful. I love the images, the music and the touching stories, and I am finding the combination so powerful!”, Cheryl