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By EricSchmidt

On 27, Mar 2019 | In | By EricSchmidt

Wei Ann, Physics Master, University of Manchester

A student from the Singapore came to Manchester University in search of cobblestone streets, old building and found a vibrant, creative city with feminist poetry collectives reciting next to heavy metal bands. Wei Ann studied at the Hadron Collider for her thesis and submitted research work to conferences. In just 1:30 seconds, we get a flavour of her experience.

Technical challenges: this short was filmed on graduation day, the student had temporarily left her family, celebrating post ceremony, downstairs, while we found a space upstairs to conduct the interview. It was a hot day, tiring, late afternoon. The subject was understandably keen to return to her family and friends. By bringing informality to the moment, breaking down the stilted character of many interview situations, catching the interviewee during a burst of enthusiasm, a lively, animated short sequence resulted.