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On 17, Mar 2015 | In | By Kevin

Royal School for the Blind, founded 1791

A film for the oldest continually operating Blind school in the world, the Royal School for the Blind was founded in 1791, by formidable humanist, Edward Rushton.

Reactions from staff include: “Everyone in school is raving about it. I’m still absolutely gobsmacked and I think staff and parents are too!  Communicating that on a film like you have done is a special gift! Kevin’s film captures the work and spirit of our school perfectly. He has the ability to edit and match different video and audio sequences strengthening the message; he has a gift for careful observation, attentive listening to staff and pupils and being able to synthesise all this into a wonderfully coherent finished product. Brilliant.”

 –Nick Young, Head of Senior School, Royal School for the Blind, Liverpool