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On 27, Oct 2015 | In | By Kevin

A Multimedia Project Commemorating Armenian Genocide

In February 2015 I began work producing a commemoration project for the centenary of the Armenian Genocide. The project involved working closely with the Chilingirian Quartet to film 10 songs from Komitas, notated before 1915 10 and arranged for string quartet by Sarkis Aslamazian.  The short, 3 minute songs were performed at the Armenian Church in South Kensington. One film was released every three days leading up to the official commemoration date in 2015. The films were presented with recollections of Levon Chilingirian.

“quite beautiful..enchanting”

 The songs are poignant and lyrical, and last around 3 minutes each. Given this is the 100th Centenary of the Armenian Genocide, the Chilingirian Quartet have recorded ten songs and are releasing these every three days from today until the 24th April..
Reactions include:

“I’ve just been watching your videos and reading about the project – which is absolutely wonderful. I love the images, the music and the touching stories, and I am finding the combination so powerful!”

See the complete multimedia project at the Chilingirian Quartet website at