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Private Family Films

Tell your family stories, catch the moment, share the drama

Life Stories

Time steals character, spirit and experience. Vivid anecdotes fade over time. Share with those too young today.

What I do

  • Give context to old photographs through interviews with family members, beautifully lit and filmed
  • Help people relax, to say what they want to say, in their own words
  • Animate old photographs, clean up their appearance
  • Bring warmth, humour and emotion to your family film

Personal films that become treasured family mementos

With a reputation for careful listening and observation, I bring  a sensitive, creative eye and ear to your project.

Clients say: “it is Kevin’s sympathetic interest with the sensitive portrayal of the survivors which has moved thousands of people”, Levon Chilingirian OBE

Everyone is raving about the film. I’m still absolutely gobsmacked and I think staff and parents are too!  Communicating that on a film like you have done is a special gift! Kevin’s film captures the work and spirit perfectly. He has the ability to edit and match different video and audio sequences strengthening the message; he has a gift for careful observation, attentive listening, being able to synthesise all this into a wonderfully coherent finished product. Brilliant”, Nick Young, Royal School for the Blind 

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