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In Business
family videos

By Kevin

Family commissioned video | crafted, vivid, memorable

On 24, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Business, family videos | By Kevin

Commission a family video to share the joy, the brave, steadfast love told in photos, audio, captured on camera. A family video brings the scattered parts of our lives together for anniversary, birthday or life event. Share special moments that never lose their force down the years

I’m skilled at honing stories, emotion, helping you say the important things in the way you want to say them. I’m an animator and illustrator and can take you cine film, old video, faded photos to give them a richer context that make sense of them. What would you for your family video?

Corporate Stories

There are defining moments when a group of people work together. What binds your team, how, why are you successful in your goals? Great for team building, a focus for a special event

Tel. 0771 281 8133

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