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About Kevin Laitak 

vastly experienced digital marketer, over 23 years making interactive design and multimedia; 9 years creating films for diverse business and arts orgs; an associate lecturer in Digital Marketing at the London Fashion Retail Academy, I focus your message across digital channels to drive awareness of your offer, engaging target audience with compelling, crafted content that converts. I work regularly with Manchester University Marketing to create promotional films to drive student recruitment for their faculty of Engineering, Earth Sciences and Chemistry.

I help organisations and businesses devise effective digital marketing strategies and content to drive awareness, help customer decision-making and sell your offer.

“I’m still absolutely gobsmacked! Kevin he has a gift for careful observation, attentive listening to staff and pupils and being able to synthesise all this into a wonderfully coherent finished product. Brilliant.” –Nick Young, Royal School for the Blind

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illustration & interactive animation work by Kevin Laitak