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On 18, May 2019 | In | By EricSchmidt

Women in Engineering stories from University of Manchester

This 1.20mins short gives an insight into different female staffs’ career journeys in Engineering. This short video demystifies what engineering is and the varied possibilities in the field. From an Iranian lecturer who descended 600m down a mine in Iran, shocking the male miners; the flight simulator technician who loved making jewellery to the University alumni woman engineer who builds bridges

On 02, Apr 2019 | No Comments | In | By Kevin

University of Manchester Earth Sciences Film by Kevin Laitak

Student Recruitment video for University of Manchester School of Environmental Sciences

University of Manchester faces stiff competition for applications from other l Read more…

On 13, Mar 2019 | No Comments | In | By Kevin

University of Manchester new £400m Engineering Campus film by Kevin Laitak causes ‘goose bumps’

University of Manchester film created by Kevin Laitak causes ‘goosebumps’

This short film created to promote University of Manchester’s new Engineering campus was fully produced, shot, and edited by myself working with marketing managers at Manchester, has garnered some impressive feedback from staff and potential students alike.

Marketing and academic staff at University of Manchester talk about working with me on this project

Rachel Hobson, Communications Manager, University of Manchester

It’s really been a pleasure working with you. You saw what we wanted to achieve, took the brief, completely changed it for the better, we’ve a got a better product, because you just went off, came back with your ideas to drive it forward in the best way for the target audience. You were finding your story arc, the correct story arc, & the facts, for want of a better phrase to support and tell the story going forward. It’s like you were a feature writer, but in video, Read more…

On 27, Oct 2015 | In | By Kevin

A Multimedia Project Commemorating Armenian Genocide

In February 2015 I began work producing a commemoration project for the centenary of the Armenian Genocide. The project involved working closely with the Chilingirian Quartet to film 10 songs from Komitas, notated before 1915 10 and arranged for string quartet by Sarkis Aslamazian.  The short, 3 minute songs were performed at the Armenian Church in South Kensington. One film was released every three days leading up to the official commemoration date in 2015. The films were presented with recollections of Levon Chilingirian.

“quite beautiful..enchanting”

Read more…

On 23, Oct 2015 | In | By Kevin


Physiotherapist video

Short promotional video for physiotherapist accenting integrity, care, zero cynicism and a genuine desire to restore your movement. Using two clients’ testimony, the film foregrounds Rush’s personality; his Bollywood dancing, free running and own experience of injuries.  Features a triathlete and a radiographer, their reflections highlight his care, exercise advice, friendliness. With rapid cutting and some nice movement, the film conveys the key messages efficiently while keeping it fresh, interesting visually.

The project also included hi resolution professional photography for use in marketing, print and online.
Contact Kevin here for more info

Rushabh physiotherapist

Rushabh physiotherapist

Rushabh physiotherapist

Rushabh physiotherapist

By Kevin

On 01, Oct 2015 | In | By Kevin

Seckford Hall Hotel

Seckford Hall Hotel video, Suffolk

A brief 1 minute film showcasing this historic setting for Seckford Hall hotel

Click here see there Kirker Music Festival at Seckford Hall 3 minute promo

By Kevin

On 30, Sep 2015 | In | By Kevin

Suffolk Music Festival, Seckford Hall

On 28, Sep 2015 | In | By Kevin

Interior Design shop

Julian Hurst Interiors, a high street shop in north Finchley, sells flooring, curtains, blinds, wallpapers and paints and provides coordinated interior design solutions. In suggesting a treatment for his promo video, I interviewed Julian to understand his key customers and the value he can offer them. Initial impressions suggested that the shop was a long, narrow space with a professional salesman at the end. Talking to Julian and ‘Rocky’ (Rochelle), it was clear that the shop is really a design database with over 3,000 interior design products including approved suppliers of exclusive brands. The video offer needed to invite customers in to have a conversation which could save time and money, and reassure that Julian is highly regarded for his professionalism, integrity and commitment to the customer

On 23, Jun 2015 | In | By Kevin

Apprentice cup 2015 – Before the Sail..

The Apprentice Ship Cup film featured here is the Awards Dinner version which covers up until the ships set sail. Crews are interviewed on return and the final official DVD features insights into the apprentices’ experiences on the journey, the homecoming and the Awards ceremony held at Titanic Hotel, Liverpool, in the heart of the historic tobacco warehouses setting, beside the River Mersey.
See the 2014 Apprentice Cup film here

Unlock the Drama in Still imagesUnlock the Drama in Still imagesUnlock the Drama in Still imagesUnlock the Drama in Still images

By Kevin

On 24, Apr 2015 | In | By Kevin

Unlock the Drama in Still images

What family stories would you tell?

Life Milestones

So many experiences..Family’s share anecdotal stories across the generations but we quickly forget the details that made them vivid and dramatic. A commissioned family video can use photographs, cine film, beautiful interviews and show places that carry special meaning. We always mean to record the histories before its too late..Time and tide!

Lighthearted, fun, creative shorts

Share a short film with friends and family at a party, anniversary or life event. Say the important things in memorable and touching ways

Read more…