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Yehudi Menuhin Concert Hall Photography

A Multimedia Project Commemorating Armenian Genocide


Seckford Hall Hotel

Suffolk Music Festival, Seckford Hall

Interior Design shop

Music Trust Revives fiddle Playing on Scottish Island

Apprentice cup 2015 – Before the Sail..

Unlock the Drama in Still images

Welsh Harp


Kevin Laitak Demo Reel

BBC3 Short Film Trailer


Musicians Photography

Official Filmmaker Photographer Largest Tall Ship Regatta Uk 2014

Apprentice Ship Cup Photography

Mendelssohn on Mull Festival Film, photography, website

International Language School Video & Photography

The Acclaimed Chilingirian String Quartet

Landscaping Company video, photography, website

Ischia Chamber Music Festival, Italy

A conference Thank you video

Royal School for the Blind, founded 1791

Cruise Choir to Norwegian Fjords

Photography Yehudi Menuhin School Alumni Concert series

Lake District Summer Music Festival film & photography

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Small Business video promo

10th September 2015 By Kevin

Bookkeeper Video Promo

How might you promote your business in just over 1 hour’s filming? Check out this 2 mins video shot for a small business client. Read more…

Aerial filming adds drama, perspective, scale and intimacy

27th August 2015 By Kevin

Aerial Video adds so much; scale, perspective, dramatic overviews. All video movement creates a sense of going somewhere, either in terms of story threads, pulling you on and into the can be intimate too.. Read more…

Corporate video questions – Filmmaker or agency?

24th May 2015 By Kevin

5 ways a good individual filmmaker can deliver more than a larger video production company

1. Cost

Yes, a filmmaker will not carry the overheads of larger production company, but the value of a good individual is greater than simply less expensive. A talented individual brings flexibility unmatched by bigger outfits.  They can follow your project, are less obtrusive and strike up personal relationships of trust, ensuring your people communicate in the most effective way Read more…